Welcome to LWCM

Welcome to LWCM. Chris Humphreys and I have been working on this company since late 2012, and we are happy to finally be public.

Chris and I met while we were both part of Pacific Fibre, a project that we both learned a lot from, and one where we both still believe in the basic business case. Indeed we worked on successive own versions of the financial model, and that helped us gained respect for the way we each operated. Someone will make a new trans-Pacific cable project work – but it’s not our turn.

We aim to help New Zealand grow the next generation of technology, web and design-led companies. For me that means playing a more expansive role than at present, moving beyond the investment, advisory and co-founding work that I am currently doing. For Chris it’s a much bigger transition from the world of large deals while part of PwC’s Corporate Finance team. For us both it’s exciting to be able to help the early stage sector.

Helping New Zealand companies start up and grow is something I first expressed a desire to do in 1996, in my formal application to Yale. Since then, including the MBA, I’ve learned a lot through a wide range of experiences, and also become part of the early stage community in New Zealand.

So what are we doing? Well, we are sorry to say that securities law dictates that we cannot say just yet, but on the site you’ll see that we can share a bit, so have a look around and get in touch if you feel we can help or answer any questions.

– Lance Wiggs